There have been tremendous changes in the lifestyle of women across all over the world. There is no arena, which remained unconquered by women. Among the most intensely discussed issues of today is the upliftment of women. SFRC is concerned with the development of women and aims for immense help to develop creativity, self-belief and flexibility to become independent and moral enduring learners. SFRC’s fascinated vision is to liberate the rural women from their socio, economic and cultural constraints by intellectually equipping them to confront the challenges of everyday life. SFRC has ploughed ahead through the rugged rural terrain and has spear-headed the challenge to intellectually empower the young women of rural vicinity and continues unfalteringly in its pursuit towards excellence. SFRC stands as a dynamic testimony for its industrious perseverance, meritorious achievements and devoted service towards the cause of higher education that would ease in achieving the objectives of:

  • Enrichment with Knowledge
  • Empowerment of Women

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The Standard Fireworks Rajaratnam College For Women
Thiruthangal Road , Sivakasi - 626123 , Tamil Nadu , India
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